Summary of NIH Funded CFS Research 1999-2003



Year       No. of Studies                                       No. of Studies Mentioning                                 % of Total                           

Funded as CFS                                     CFS in Abstract                  


1999                 34                                                                   32                                                               94.1%


2000                 36                                                                   32                                                               88.9%


2001                 32                                                                   26                                                               81.3%


2002                 35                                                                   22                                                               62.9%


2003                 20                                                                   14                                                               70.0%            








  1. The number of studies listed refers to discreet studies funded as shown on the NIH Website at .  In cases where studies are shown twice with the same grant number, they were counted only once, even though multiple units of NIH may have contributed to their funding and/or supervision.
  2. Simply mentioning CFS in the grant abstract is a low threshold for determining that the study was directly related to CFS.  In some cases, it is clear that less than 100% of the study focus was directly on CFS.
  3. The percentage of total studies mentioning CFS in their abstracts most likely does not correlate to the percentage of total funding charged to the CFS budget. These figures are not currently publicly available, although the public most certainly paid for them.
  4. Finally, this analysis assumes that the data included in the NIH Web site shown above is correct in all respects.




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