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Oregon, USA ME/CFS & FM Good Doctor List

(Last Revision: January 20, 2011)

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This document represents, primarily, a listing of doctors as recommended by and for CFS/CFIDS/FM patients; sorted by country, state/province/region, and city. Any physicians who has asked to be included because of their personal experience with CFS and/or FM patients are clearly identified as being "Self-Referred".

DISCLAIMER: The "ME/CFS & FM Good Doctor List" is provided as a convenience to CFS/CFIDS/FM patients. Co-Cure has not verified any of the information submitted for the purpose of inclusion on this list and provided herein as to accuracy nor professional standings. As always, patients should check with local/regional agencies that monitor physicians prior to engaging services/treatment.

NOTE: This list is not to be reproduced in part or whole with the intention of use for profit.


Ashland, OR
Dr. Shandor Weiss, ND, LAC
233 4th St.
Ashland, OR 97520
Tel: 541-488-1198
Web site: www.aruraclinic.com

Canby, OR
Paul Anderson, N.D.
210 N.W. First St.
Canby, OR 97013
Tel: (503) 266-2997
("Dr. Anderson is a wonderful man who understands the pain of FMS and treats the whole person.")

Hillsboro, OR
Dr. Bryan Chitwood
Kaiser Permanente Clinic
19400 NW Evergreen Parkway
Hillsboro, OR 97124
Tel: (503) 645-2762
{FMS. "He is a great doctor who listens.")

Medford, OR
David Dryland, M.D.
1365 Poplar Drive
Medford, OR 97504
Tel: 888-SHINE-ON
Website: www.drdryland.com
("He is a rheumatologist. Has two books out, he was right on for me, when all else and others failed. He has suffered from fibro himself.")

Portland, OR
Dan Jones, M.S., M.Ed., F.N.P.
Lloyd Center Family Practice
Suite 2252, Lloyd Center
Portland, OR 97232
Tel: 503-282-2502
("He is an FNP (family nurse practitioner), very educated and really willing to listen and research to help. He is the one that diagnosed my when I'd given up hope.")

Kip Kemple, MD
2311 NW Northrup
Portland, Oregon 97210
Tel: (503) 223-1840
(FMS. "Rheumatolagist, Excellent Doc. Very Knowledgable re: FM/MPS and all rheumatolagical problems.")

Erin Lommen, N.D.
4444 SW Corbett Ave.
Portland OR 97201
Tel: (503) 224-4003
("I'm crazy about my doctor, a naturopath in Portland Oregon. She's thorough and caring and very respectful. She's up-to-date and leery of fad treatments. I can highly recommend her").

Amit Singh
Licensed Acupuncturist
3430 SE Belmont St, Suite 105
Portland, OR 97214
Tel: (503) 232-7362
("I've suffered fibromyalgia and other ailments for years now. I was using a cane, then a walker, then a wheelchair to get around. My life was full of pain and misery from my various diseases. With just a few sessions with this acupuncturist, I returned to the cane - no more wheelchair. I am now cane free to this day thanks to his fine work.")

various diseases.

Springfield, OR
Martin M. Klos, M.D.
Chronic Pain Management
3831 Main Street, Suite 105
Springfield, OR 97478
Tel: (541) 746-4468
E-Mail: drklos@skydocs.com
Web site: www.skydocs.com
FMS ( "He is truly a compassionate professional with a broad base of understanding about FM, pain management, and post-operative healing.")

Woodburn, OR
Mayda Ramos, M.D.
976 N. Cascade Dr.
Woodburn, Oregon 97071
Tel: (503) 982-0403
("She listens and is very knowledgeable about the symptoms.")

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