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Page [List Operations]

Co-Cure ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia E-Mail List

The focus of this page is to relay how the Co-Cure list operates and is being administered. The contents have been adapted for general viewing at this site from the original source, the Welcome to Co-Cure message
distributed upon subscription to the List.


List Subscription and Requests
Special Requests
Rules of the List

These sections change from time to time as the needs of the list members change or present themselves. Members are notified of any changes by way of posts to the list.

If you have any comments or questions, please contact Co-Cure support personnel through our on-line form or by sending an email message to Co-Cure-Mod@listserv.nodak.edu.


[ Posts should be sent to the list address: co-cure@listserv.nodak.edu ]

The list is monitored by a team of individuals and the rules are actively and uniformly enforced. See section entitled Rules of the List

This is a premoderated information only list which means that it exists for the purpose of distributing relevant information. This would include:

We are, however, not a redistibutor of newsletters. Please consult the moderators if you want their assistance in making the Co-Cure subscribers aware of the availability of your newsletter.

Five general categories (also called "Topics") have been established for efficient distribution of material. The primary topics are: MED, RES, NOTICE, and ACT. Any post that does not contain a topic word in the subject line will default to OTHER. Please note that, upon subscription, members will receive MED, RES, NOTICE and ACT. Information on the topics is located under Rules of the List.

Members have the burden of clearing copyright restrictions that may apply to information they post. Members should include copyright statements if they wish to protect their rights over original material or if required by the original author.

Due to the sensitive nature of some material, individuals may wish to post information anonymously. This can be arranged by forwarding the message to a special email address special@co-cure.org. Instructions and restrictions on this service are outlined under section Special Requests.

We encourage members to discuss information within the discussion-based lists, newsgroups, and forums established for this purpose (see Additional Resources Page).

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List Subscription and Requests

All queries relating to this particular list should be sent to the moderators' list:

All special requests should be sent to:

To subscribe to Co-Cure, send the command (without quotes):
"SUBSCRIBE CO-CURE YourFirstName YourLastName"
to the listserver at: listserv@listserv.nodak.edu

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The Co-Cure Archives can be accessed through the LISTSERV WWW Interface. This interface allows searching and browsing of the collected archives with a web browser (ie. Netscape and MSIE) just as you would any other website on the internet.

To access the archives via the WWW, point your web browser to http://listserv.nodak.edu/archives/co-cure.html

To get a list of the available archived email files, send an "INDEX CO-CURE" command to listserv@listserv.nodak.edu. You can then order these files with a "GET CO-CURE LOGxxxx" command, or using LISTSERV's database search facilities.

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Special Requests

A separate email address, special@co-cure.org, has been established so that individuals may submit material for special processing. This would include: individuals who are not subscribers but wish to post to the list; and individuals who are subscribers but wish to post anonymously. We retain the right to refuse to forward messages to the list if it violates any of the rules.

This address is not to be used as an alternative to sending email that should be sent to the moderators of the list (ie.,suggestions, complaints, general quiries). To contact the moderators, send email to the moderators's list at Co-Cure-Mod@listserv.nodak.edu.

Note: All email sent to the special@co-cure.org address to be posted anonymously will have all identifying information manually removed before the message is forwarded to the list for circulation. Therefore, if you wish members to contact you, put your email address in the body of your message.

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Rules of the List

[ Note: Posts should be sent to the list address: co-cure@listserv.nodak.edu ]

  1. No Advertisements: Commercial advertisements are not allowed on this List. Individuals may post informative reviews of consumer products and/or services in which they have no financial interest, however, the Moderators reserve the right to intervene if such posts appear to be outside the goals or spirit of the List.

  2. No Flames: Material will not be posted that defames, maligns, slanders, or is uncivil to any other individual or group. Please keep the tone of posts respectful of others.

    If you receive private flames or harassing messages, contact the moderators at Co-Cure-Mod@listserv.nodak.edu. Please copy replies with full header information intact, including addresses and names of the harassing party, to the Moderator. Do NOT respond to flames directly on the List.

    Let us be clear. Flaming and/or harassing behavior is not merely cautioned against, it will NOT be tolerated. Further to this, posts shall not request harassing, abusive, aggressive, or hostile actions to be taken against another individual or group, whether a member of Co-Cure or not.

    Repetitive violations of rules will result in removal from this List.

  3. No discussions: This is an information list only. To preserve the integrity of this List, members are not to reply (exception being the ADMIN topic) to other posts. Do not reply off-list (privately) to any party as a result of a post to the list unless invited by that party within their initial post or as would be reasonably expected. Violations of this rule will be considered as a Flame and will be dealt with accordingly.

    We encourage members to discuss information within the discussion-based lists, news groups, and forums established for this purpose (see page entitled Additional Resources).

  4. No Redirection/Misdirection of Quoted Resources. If a resource is changed after being announced on the Co-Cure list, and its content is no longer in accordance with the Co-Cure rules (for instance due to the addition of material previously rejected by Co-Cure) and the people and/or organizations responsible for this situation prove unwilling or unable to remedy it when asked, this may be viewed as a breach of confidence and lead to appropriate measures to correct the situation and prevent it from happening again.

  5. Format of posts: Please send posts to the list in plain ASCII text. Enriched text, HTML-coded text, or encoding of any type pose a genuine problem. Many of our members either can't utilize these messages or may not even receive them.  If you don't know how to send an e-mail message in plain ASCII text, see www.expita.com/nomime.html for some helpful information. Also, please do not send attachments with your post. Our LISTSERV™ software is set to strip all attachments sent to the list. Even the moderators won't see them before your message is approved. Almost any potential attachment can be cut and pasted into your email message. If you need help in handling this requirement, please write to the moderators.

  6. Topics of email: Most messages can be appropriately posted to the basic five topics of: MED, RES, NOTICE, ACT, and NAME. The definitions of the designated topics are as follows:
    MED(ical): Medical/clinical issues not directly related to recent or pending research, i.e. treatment and diagnosis information for CFS, FM or related conditions. The information should not be intended or considered as medical advice.

    RES(earch): Scientific reports, trials, findings, opinions and publications.

    NOTICE: This topic/category is generally intended for announcements of events, publications, media coverage, conferences, and meetings. This topic is not limited to medical or research information.

    ACT(ivism): This topic/category is generally intended for notices concerning socio-political activism. Messages posted to this topic are subject to all list rules and, therefore, must not be insulting, inflammatory, hostile, etc.

    NAME: This is a temporary topic/category that is to be used for all posts dealing with the issue of changing the name chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). While it is designed as a temporary topic keyword, we realize that it may be around for a few years.

    OTHER: All posts that are submitted to the list without one of the topics (list above) mentioned in the subject line will default to the OTHER topic. This topic may also be used for posting information that does not fall within the first five topics listed above.

    Upon subscription, members are set to receive mail from the MED, RES, NOTICE, ACT and NAME topics. E-mail subscribers can increase or decrease the topics by sending an email message to listserv@listserv.nodak.edu with one of the following commands:

    To add: SET CO-CURE TOPICS +topic1 +topic2 etc.
    To subtract: SET CO-CURE TOPICS -topic1 -topic2 etc.
    To select all: SET CO-CURE TOPICS: ALL

    Post your messages to the appropriate topic. This will make message distribution and searching more effective for all. The topic keyword, placed in the Subject Line, must end with a colon with no intervening blank:

    e.g. MED: My great idea.
    Multiple keywords must not be separated by a blank:
    e.g. MED,RES: My Great Idea.
    Messages must be relevant to CFS/CFIDS/ME and FM. For example, please do not attempt to squeak by the following:
    Subject: NOTICE,RES: My Great Idea of CFS related Symposium
    Body: I am heading a Symposium on Star Trek the Next Generation December 19, 1996 in Peoria, Arizona. My research indicates that aliens brought CFS from the planet Rigel.

  7. Mail Account Status: Consistent mail errors reported for any email address will result in action by the Co-Cure List's adminstrator. Longterm cases (three to four days) where a mailbox is reported as "Mailbox Full" will be set to NOMAIL and members who suspect that this has happened to their own account should reset their subscription to MAIL when back on line. Mail addresses reported by any server as User Unknown for more than two days is subject to removal from the list, but the member is free to rejoin the list as soon as their mail account has been re-established.

    The Listserv feature called Probe is in place to minimize the number of abandoned mailboxes that remain subscribed to the list. Thus, when you receive the probe message, please ignore it. Do not reply to the message.

  8. Co-Cure is not a redistibutor of newsletters. Please consult the moderators if you want their assistance in making the Co-Cure subscribers aware of the availability of your newsletter.

  9. Copyrights: Individuals are responsible for copyright clearance when posting to the Co-Cure List and when using material received by way of the Co-Cure List.

    Co-Cure does not retain or enforce copyrights over any material distributed by way of the List. The List Management will not be held liable for violations of copyright.

  10. Message line limit: The limit size of any post is 800 lines. Please divide any post that exceeds this limit, ie: My Great Idea (Part 1), My Great Idea (Part 2), The Final Great Idea (Conclusion).

  11. No Cross Posting: A cross post is where an individual sends an email message to multiple addresses simultaneously. When posting to the Co-Cure list, do not include other email addresses in the ‘To:’ field.

  12. No eating or drinking while typing. We hope that you will have a pleasurable experience here at Co-Cure, in spite of all of our Rules. Smiley

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Co-Cure Moderators

Contact Co-Cure support personnel through our on-line form or by sending an email message to Co-Cure-Mod@listserv.nodak.edu.

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