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Posted to Co-Cure on Mon, 18 Mar 2002 21:26:40 -0500 by RedFlagsWeekly

Mycoplasma/Chronic Illness Link: Fact or Fraud? Experts Debate the Issue

You may already be aware, but a fascinating online debate about the science of mycoplasma research and the possible role played by these organisms in chronic illnesses such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Gulf War Syndrome (GWS) has begun on RedFlagsWeekly.com

Following the publication of Dr. Howard Urnovitz's article "The Mycoplasma Myth" on RedFlagsWeekly.com (March 11), his conclusions were challenged by Dr. Garth Nicolson.

Howard Urnovitz, PhD, is the Science Director of the Chronic Illness Research Foundation and Garth Nicolson, PhD, is the President, Chief Scientific Officer and Research Professor at the Institute for Molecular Medicine.

RedFlagsWeekly.com editor-in-chief Nicholas Regush then invited both researchers to openly debate the issue. Comments from Nicolson and a response from Urnovitz were published in the March 18 issue of RedFlagsWeekly and is attracting considerable attention in the CFS/GWS patient and research communities.

These are the links to the debate:

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